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"Literally on the first day of following Jessica’s plan, Isaac was sleeping on his own after just 7 minutes and slept the whole night! It was like magic- we were in disbelief. He has since continued to get better at daytime naps as well and is now sleeping through the night, every night. I am beyond thankful that we found and worked with Jessica- our whole family is now sleeping better and so much happier as a result. I would 200% recommend Jessica to anyone whose baby is struggling to sleep independently- she truly is a bedtime fairy!”

- Beth, Mom of Issac

"Jessica offered wonderful strategies for us to use with our strong-willed, bedtime resistant toddler! We were so tired of ending our day with yelling and protesting. Now, we are able to run through our nighttime routine, calmly and with confidence. The best part is knowing our daughter is getting the rest she needs!!!”

- Diane, Mom of Margot

"We are so thankful for the Bedtime Fairy. Our three year old daughter has slept in bed with us for the majority of her life, so we know the transition to her own bed would be difficult. With the birth of our second daughter, we needed to move our three year old to her own bed. I was extremely apprehensive about the process, as I didn’t want her to feel like she was being pushed aside with the new baby. Jessica was extremely understanding of my nerves, and did the best job helping to get mom and daughter ready for the process. (Dad had been ready for a while!). Jessica’s plan was extremely easy to follow and had great tips to help our daughter transition smoothly. Jessica checked in every day and was there to give guidance throughout the process. Our daughter took to the process amazingly and I’m so thankful for that! Being a mom herself, Jessica was able to give real life advice that actually made sense. As someone who was originally against sleep training, I am now a firm believer that sleep for everyone makes it all worth it and would 100% recommend The Bedtime Fairy.”

- Lindsay, Mom of Everly

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