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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I hire a sleep consultant?
    With the right strategy, education and consistent approach, a well-rested child and family is achievable in a matter of weeks. While there is an abundance of information available on the internet regarding pediatric sleep, it is often conflicting, confusing or simply overwhelming. Partnering with a pediatric sleep consultant takes the guess work out of process when you need it most and provides you with a coach to guide and support you each step of the way. It is never too early or too late to improve your family’s sleep situation.
  • Can you sleep train a baby that feeds overnight?
    Absolutely! Sleep training and night weaning are two different things. Sleep training is teaching your baby to fall asleep independently and back to sleep without assistance whereas night weaning is reducing or eliminating overnight feeding. It is completely normal for babies (and adults!) to wake up in the middle of the night. Babies that have mastered independent sleeping skills will fall back to sleep without assistance if all of their needs are met. However, if they are hungry, they will let you know!
  • Can you sleep train a breastfed baby?
    Yes, you absolutely can! I successfully sleep trained both of my daughters while breastfeeding and continued breastfeeding each of them for over a year. I understand the importance of breastfeeding and will develop a personalized sleep plan that supports your breastfeeding journey. Additionally, most women do not have issues maintaining their milk supply after their baby begins sleeping through the night. Even if that happens to not hold true for you, wouldn’t you rather a quick 15 minute pump session while your baby sleeps through the night?
  • Can you sleep train a toddler?
    Yes, you can! Toddlers typically fall in one of two categories (1) a formerly good sleeper who regressed and never bounced back or (2) a poor sleeper since infancy. Either way, I can help get your family’s sleep on the right track with an age-appropriate set of solutions customized for your child’s specific situation. Success with toddlers incorporates a communication strategy so they know what to expect, a consistent approach regardless of the chosen method and positive reinforcement that celebrates achievements along the way.
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