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Jessica Kurs-Lasky


Founder, Owner, CMO (“Chief Mom Officer”)

As a mom to two little girls and an aunt to four under six, I often feel like the ringmaster of a three-ring circus or sitting in the driver’s seat of a rollercoaster going 200 miles per hour!  If I think back to when I brought my first daughter home from the hospital, I was both overjoyed and overwhelmed.

She was absolutely precious and I was instantly in love.  However, I quickly learned that all of the reading in the world could not prepare me for the ups, downs, twists and turns of the journey ahead…especially the helpless crying during naptime or bedtime that makes your heart melt! 

I constantly found myself playing the guessing game of what could be wrong and what to do – was she hungry? was she tired? was she cold? should I listen to my mom or my friend? what does google say?...Or was it something else?!


I became obsessed with figuring out the best way to develop healthy and effective sleeping habits, and also gain the confidence to trust myself and my instincts through the process.  I scoured the internet for anything and everything relevant, joined a slew of parenting groups, became familiar with various sleep training methods, and solicited feedback from friends and family. 

With my newfound confidence, equipped with information, and some good old-fashioned trial and error, I was amazed at how quickly she learned how to fall asleep independently and sleep through the night.

This obsession became a passion and I was able to help my friends and family’s children become awesome sleepers too.  The passion ultimately led to the creation of The Bedtime Fairy.   

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My Approach

As the founder and owner of The Bedtime Fairy, I provide personalized consulting and coaching to help get little ones (and their parents!) the sleep they need. 


I received my pediatric sleep consultant certification from The Center for Pediatric Sleep Management.

My approach is grounded in meeting families where they are and developing a plan that both fits their parenting style and is comfortable for them. 


While every family is unique, I believe that every child can learn independent sleeping skills when given the tools and the opportunity to learn.

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